[image-1]Charleston’s parking meter rates will double “sometime during the first quarter of 2018,” according to city spokesperson Cameron Wolfsen.

Currently, anyone wishing to park their two-ton CO2 machine on a metered spot along the curb pays $1 an hour for the privilege. That price replaced the old rate of $0.75 per hour in May 2016.

Parking meter rates will soon be on par with the cost of parking in the city’s garages and non-metered lots, which advertise rates of $1 per half-hour, or, if you know how to read, $2 an hour.

The scheduled hike follows City Council’s approval of the 2018 budget on Dec. 11. The approved budget moved some numbers to make room for a cost-of-living raise for city employees, among other things. No taxes were raised.

Some of the city’s parking meters are still in the process of being updated to accept credit cards and new SmartCards, which are now $15 as opposed to $5. More than half of the 1,709 parking meters in the peninsula have now been updated, according to a press release issued earlier this month.