[image-1]For the first year the Charleston Parks Conservancy awarded an exhibition prize for a work of art displayed at last month’s ArtFields. The winner, Joseph Dreher of Decatur, Ga., receives a $5,000 cash prize from the Conservancy and is invited to create a work of art for a City of Charleston park later this year.

Dreher’s winning ArtFields piece, “Not a Mural Mural,” features portrait stencils carved out of veneer plywood. Dreher says, “My work is about celebrating people and community. I use a number of tools and media to create my work, including photography, murals, street art, wheat paste, painting, sculpture, architecture, and poetry to name a few. People are my primary interest and it is my appreciation for people that informs so much of my creative work.”

The Conservancy’s Art in the Parks initiative is an effort to install temporary art displays in city parks through collabs with organizations like ArtFields, the Office of Cultural Affairs, and Redux. Executive director Harry Lesesne says that he wants to make “contemporary art that is accessible to all our our citizens.” That’s an initiative we can all get behind.