So, by now you’ve heard about the paperwork snafu that threw hundreds of candidates off ballots statewide over the summer. Well, some of those candidates successfully refiled as petition candidates, and others are running write-in campaigns. Either way, it throws a wrench into the gears if you’re trying to vote a straight-party ticket or just have a poor memory.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning to cast your vote for a write-in or petition candidate in Charleston County on Tuesday:

First, if you do wish to vote a straight-ticket, select that option initially, then select the petition candidate you want to support. Selecting a petition candidate will not alter your straight-ticket vote.

Sheriff Al Cannon will appear on the ballot, but his challenger Mark Whisenant, also bumped by ballotgate, has chosen to mount a last-minute write-in challenge to the six-term incumbent.

House District 114
Freshman Republican S.C. Rep. Peter McCoy faces petition candidate Carol Tempel, who originally filed to run as the Democratic challenger to McCoy.

House District 115
House Speaker Bobby Harrell faces a petition challenge from John Steinberger, who originally filed as a Republican to run in Senate District 41, and Green Party candidate Larry Carter Center.

County Council District 6
Carolyn Hughes, who originally filed to run in the Republican primary earlier this year before getting the boot, will challenge Democratic County Councilman Vic Rawl as a petition candidate.

Downtown School Board
This one is a little bit of a mess. With all downtown school board candidates falling victim to ‘Ballotgate,’ you’ll need to remember and write-in your choice. Here are your downtown school board candidates:
Jo Cannon
Todd Garrett
Tony Lewis
Bruce Smith
Louis Weinstein