[image-7] Earlier this month, when Hurricane Florence looked like it may be headed our way, Charleston boarded up its windows and doors, plopped sandbags outside, and hoped for the best. We were fortunate — most of these precautions were not necessary. Boarded up windows and sandbags didn’t save a lot of our friends to the north, though, who are still feeling the effects of Florence’s flooding.
[image-3] Local photographer Jared Bramblett wants to help those affected by the storm by donating proceeds from the sale of storm prep photographs to The Lowcountry Mayors’ Disaster Relief Fund.

You can peruse Bramblett’s photographs — images he captured in Charleston pre-Florence — on his website.

[image-1] Most of Bramblett’s captures — portraits of a Charleston that appears to be a ghost town — are of boarded up businesses along King Street and the surrounding areas. The photos are eerie in their implications, and sadly, forever relevant, as the effects of the hurricane linger across the Carolinas, hurricane season continues, and of course, promises to return next year.