Unless you’re a regular at Kudu or East Bay Coffee House’s open mic nights, you may not have noticed that Charleston’s blossoming arts scene is home to a society of gifted poets.

While their words may have slipped your ear, Charlestonian poets will hopefully soon be given a stage much larger than the front of a coffee house. SCETV has reached out to local producer Julian Gooding about putting on a poetry show for the station using local poets. The show will consist of live spoken word performances and documentary-style interviews, and will be broadcast statewide.

"If SCETV picks it up, then we are possibly looking at a monthly show on the station that would be broadcast state-wide," says local poet Marcus Amaker.

On Saturday, Aug. 29, producers will film the pilot from 6-9 p.m., and just like any old open mic night, they need you to be a part of their live audience. All you need are your ears and love of verse (tickets are free), and there will be food, alcohol, and merchandise available for purchase. The filming will take place at Riverfront Park in North Charleston on the former Navy base. For more, call  (843) 793-9387.