[image-1]Anyone who paid at the pump recently may want to check their bank statements. Charleston police recently retrieved a credit card skimming device from the BP gas station at 246 Calhoun St. in downtown Charleston last week.

According to an incident report filed June 29, an officer responded to the BP station near MUSC following reports of a skimmer found on a gas pump. A witness told the officer that he observed a suspicious vehicle pull up to pump 7 at the station early that morning around 6 a.m. While out walking his dog, the witness said he watched as a woman exited a vehicle and approached the gas station.

The witness described the woman as “acting suspicious and looking around to see if anyone was in the area,” according to an incident report. Two unidentified men were also seen in the vehicle.

The witness provided photos of the individuals to police, and a BP manager handed over video surveillance footage to the officer. A crime scene technician then arrived at the gas station to process the scene. The skimmer discovered was also taken in as evidence.