The City of Charleston has released a notice on Tropical Depression 16, warning residents to monitor the storm over the next two days.

From the City of Charleston:

In light of the approaching weather system associated with Tropical Depression 16, the City of Charleston is preparing for the possibility of heavy rain which may cause flooding in the City. The City urges residents, especially those who may need to travel around the area tomorrow to stay alert to the weather as it appears to be a rapidly changing system.

Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr. said “The City of Charleston works year round to be prepared as possible for weather related emergencies. We will monitor this event and keep our residents informed of any issues they may need to know. Stay tuned to our local weather and be prepared. “

During a rain event, Stormwater Crews assisted by Streets and Sidewalk crews, are assigned to teams dispersed throughout the City to monitor the storm drain system and keep drainage ways clear. On the peninsula, crews also help clear stormwater inlets that may become blocked by leaves, landscaping materials and litter.

The City currently operates 3 stormwater pump stations that provide drainage to localized areas. All of the pump stations are checked and maintained on a regular schedule. In preparation of the impending weather the pump stations have been checked and will be monitored during the event.

The Public Safety Departments (Police and Fire) are preparing and testing all emergency equipment such as high water vehicles, generators, and rescue equipment. All personnel have been put on alert for the potential weather and additional personnel will be available if emergency response is required. City Staff will be monitoring the weather in the City’s Public Safety Operations Center.

Citizens are encouraged to monitor the drainage systems around them and either remove debris or notify the city if they need assistance. Citizens can request assistance from the Stormwater Division at 724-7367. In the event of an emergency call 911.