[image-1] Need Wi-Fi but don’t have anywhere to find it? Charleston County Public Libraries are offering their Wi-Fi for free to patrons parked in cars near library branches. You can access the Wi-Fi from most branch parking lots.

In a press release CCPL executive director Angela Craig said: “People depend on our libraries for access to a number of services, including free wireless internet, that they might not otherwise have. Especially while children are asked to work on school work from home, it’s vital that we keep doing everything in our power to provide for everyone in our community during these challenging times, including those without access.”

Of course, safe practices should be used when accessing this Wi-Fi. If you are in your car, stay there. If you walk or bike to the branch to access Wi-Fi, maintain proper social distancing with others. Local law enforcement will be patrolling the branches to maintain public safety.

The Wi-Fi is available daily, 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Find it at “CCPL-Guest;” no password is required.

Check out all of the library’s online resources at ccpl.org.