A Johns Island resident was a victim of fraud via Craigslist recently and discovered that posting an apartment listing can be more dangerous than you think. Craigslist is a popular internet tool used as classified ads for anything from “massages” to apartment listings. Much like many other websites, scams are lurking around every corner.

According to the police report, Melissa Guggisberg posted a listing on Craigslist last month for her home which included the location and the cost for rent, as well as other details about the home. Guggisberg stated that she has since received confusing e-mails about her listing.

Interested buyers e-mailed Guggisberg stating that her home was listed on another page for a different price. An unknown suspect had created a fake listing of the house under a Yahoo e-mail address containing her name and using the same description and photos that Guggisberg had previously posted.

The unknown suspect responded to several interested renters claiming that he would be moving to West Africa for a job. He said that he would rent the house if the money was wired to him through a Western Union station in West Africa. He also provided an international contact number.   

Guggisberg immediately contacted Yahoo.com and Craigslist.com about the fraudulent use of her name. The victims of the scam are unknown, but likely include local renters.