The Charleston RiverDogs, following Minor League Baseball’s restructuring last year, have named Blake Butera, a manager affiliated with the Tampa Bay Rays, as their new manager.

Butera was the youngest manager in the minor league after his ascension to the role in 2018. Prior to the position, he was a player on the field of Boston College, and a coach shortly after.

“I think we are all excited to be more southern than we were back in New York,” Butera said. “We are going to try and develop our players the same way we have in the past, and being in a place like Charleston is a really nice, to be able to do that.”

With the new Rays partnership, and the transition for the team into Charleston in the midst of the pandemic, there are still a lot of unknowns circling any upcoming season, but Butera is confident that this will be a season everyone will be happy to be a part of and is looking forward to the future of the team.

“We don’t know the exact members of the team yet, but what I can tell you is there will be a really good product on the field,” Butera said. “You’ll see guys that play the game hard, that play the game the right way, and there’s an energy these guys bring to the table every night. You’ll see a lot of these guys on TV one day in the big leagues doing incredible things.”