It ain’t cheap for bands, solo acts, and DJs to record, mix, and master decent material in professional studios. Expenses can run into the thousands within just a few days of tracking. Mt. Pleasant-based Charleston Sound had this in mind when they designed an affordable deal and rate for local indie acts last year.

Charleston Sound recently reintroduced the deal for independent bands and songwriters. Owner and recording engineer Jeff Hodges reached out this month to the local band scene with an affordable Indie Artist Deal, which offers 10 hours of recording and mixing time for four or five songs.

“This special is aimed at local independent musicians who want the very best sounding EP possible, but for under $500,” says Hodges. “We don’t cut any corners on our end, though. They get recorded and mixed just like a national artist would.”

If acts want to record more, the Indie Artist Deal extends for an additional $125 per song. Check out for more.