Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) is scheduled to attend the Tax Day Tea Party at the U.S. Custom House today, April 15.

The Upstate senator, who has been in the news lately for his opposition to Obama’s stimulus plan, the return of the Fairness Doctrine, and the Serve America Act, will be joined by News Radio 94.3 WSC personality Keith Malinak.

The Charleston Tea Party is one of many Tea Parties across the nation scheduled for today, the purpose of which is to protest the auto and bank bailouts and the Obama stimulus package. At a recent Tea Party in Greenville, an estimated 2,000 attended the event which culminated in the ceromonial act of pouring tea (and tree) leaves into the Reedy River.

“Taxpayers are tired of handing their hard earned money over to the irresponsible spending priorities of government. This rally will allow citizens to stand up and voice their opposition to the generational stealing going on in Washington, D.C., “ said Bryan Keelin, who leads the effort to organize the Charleston Tea Party.”

Lin Bennett, chair of the Charleston County Republican Party, will also be at the event. “The people in Congress who are elected to represent the taxpayers are just turning a deaf ear to what the people want,” Bennett says. “They just want their representatives to follow the law and uphold the Constitution and not spend money like crazy. A lot of this money is going to political action groups, and it’s not the taxpayers responsibility to fund those activities.”

While the event has been touted as a non-partisian event, local Democrats leaders probably won’t be in attendence.

According to Keiana Page, communications director for the S.C. Democratic Party, the state Dems have not received an invitation to the event from Charleston Tax Day Tea Party organizers and will not be in attendence.

Closer to home, Charleston County Democratic Party chair George Tempel says that he thinks ” event would be better ignored.

“If it is such a non partisan event, why is everyone so proud that Jim DeMint is attending? Their website notes that both Gov. Sanford and Sen. DeMint have been the peoples’ voice when all they have done is be out in front of the NO party. Where were these people when the Bush administration was pouring money down a sand hole in a war to bring change to a country that didn’t want it?” Tempel asks. “President Obama’s stimulus is monies returning to the people that pay the taxes in the form of new infrastructure, roads, bridges, transportation, education, energy renewal, health care, etc., etc., not to those like Haliburton and others who benefit from a war.”

The Tea Party at the Custom House starts at 5:30 p.m. and is scheduled to run until 7:30 p.m. Banners and signs are encouraged. The organizers offer a list suggested slogans at their website.