The City of Charleston’s new $5.5 million community center at Harmon Field is expected to be a leading project in energy efficiency. The Arthur W. Christopher Community Center, located next to the public swimming pool, will include several sustainable features and will hope to have Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design gold certification.

The 24,000-square-foot building will contain a gymnasium along with several other multipurpose rooms. Most of the materials used to build the facility, and the fixtures, will be composed of recycled or renewable materials. The project will include 40 percent recycled porcelain floors and 70 percent recycled cement countertops. Wheat stalks and bamboo, which reduce air pollution, will be used for cabinets and doors.

During the day, the indoors will be lit solely by natural light through a translucent skylight that runs through the entire facility. Lighting controls will make it so that the lights will not turn on until needed. For insulation, the siding will include glazing and mesh materials that limit indoor heat and allow for a more efficient cooling system.

The roof will also contain solar panels that will help heat the adjacent pool. Trees for shading, as well as bike racks and preferred parking for hybrid vehicles, will be incorporated into the outdoor parking area.

A display monitor at the front of the building will educate costumers on how energy is used efficiently in the facility. —Lindsay Frost