Lindsey Goodman from Charleston Air Force Base is contestant number one. She grew up wanting to do two things: fly and sing. She’s good. They say no.

Ryan: “It’s time to send in the big guns.” By big guns, he means Aretha of New York and her absolutely huge boobs and Simon can’t take his eyes off of. She says that her singing is beautiful. “I stop crowds.” Honey, it ain’t the singing.

Joshua Boson of Beaufort makes a mess out of “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going.” Joshua: “This show is fake and rigged.” He says he’s fine with losing. He’s moving on to World Idol. He must be looking for those Asian folks who like bad karaoke.

My hubby: “These people make Charleston look really bad.”

Ryan: “The city could be summed up in one word: No.”

Oliver (The Baby Daddy) is up.  No dice. Cute baby.

10,000 to 23 contestants.