We’re getting ready for Charleston’s spotlight on American Idol.

Ryan notes we’re the friendliest city in America … and that’s even without Paula here 364 days out of the year.

You notice that none of the pictures of Charleston were from North Charleston — except for the cop.

Richard (pronounced Rish-Ard) Henderson is unemployed. Says he sounds like Clay Aiken — only he seems more comfortable in his sexuality. Paula even says no. That’s when you know it’s bad.

Deanna from Abermarle. Yeah, yaw. Potty mouth on the all you can eat buffet. Does Fancy. I’m starting to see why John smiled when I offered to do this instead of him. Thanks, John.

A couple met on AmericanIdol.com message boards. Her: “Master Yoda. Take you to Simon he will.” Oh My God!

Michelle and Jeffery Lampkin (sp?). “America needs a good laugh.” That’s why I’m here, Jeffery. That is not why you’re there. First two to go to Hollywood.

Man getting lost trying to get his pregnant wife to the hospital. You know the Visitors Bureau is loving that advertising. Charleston — Don’t Come Nine Months Pregnant.

Amy Catherine Flynn of Tenn. She teaches people to abstain from drug, sex, and booze. Gives Simon “The talk.” Says “like” like 10 times.

London Weidberg is the first Charleston contestant. Full time musician. She’s off to Hollywood! She was apparently a member of 80s tribute band JoyRide.

Day One: 15 people make it through.

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