Amidst a raging lightning storm Friday night, tattooed art fans seeped out the front doors of Jimbo’s Rock Lounge. The Outsiders Show highlighted local artists who are active in Charleston’s underground art scene, like META, Matthew Foreman, and Chuck Keppler. The works on display ran the gamut from pin-up-style paintings to graffiti-inspired characters to psychedelic abstractions pieced together from various materials. There were murals, clocks, stencils, rocks, vintage frames, and old boards crafted and twisted into relics of our generation’s brand of art. 

We caught up with curator Phillip Hyman, one of the fathers of Charleston’s underground art community and an artist himself, to talk about the local scene. “The main problem is the lack of spaces,” he said. “We mostly stick to bars like this that agree to hold shows, but we have even thrown up shows in alleys. It’s pretty sad when you have to say that you do art shows in alleys.” Alas, The Outsiders was short and sweet and ended like a lightning flash —  just as quickly as it had begun.