Full Love Throttle took the stage after 3 Play at Theatre 99. The duo is long-time collaborators Greg Tavares and Brandy Sullivan, co-founders of Theatre 99 and The Have Nots! This is one of my favorite local groups to watch. I suppose that comes from their having worked together for nearly 20 years, but I’m pretty sure it’s mostly because of Sullivan. She continues to surprise me no matter how many times I’ve seen her and she’s fully committed to each and every scene no matter how insane.

Case in point was their final scene last night. It started with Sullivan screaming yee-hah like she was Bo Duke in the General Lee. The curl of her lip and the slightly crazed look in her eye had me rolling. The scene was two boys hauling ass in their Ford Escort, busting for the county line before the Blockbuster closed. They wanted to get the video for Mannequin 2.

Then it gets weird — and funny. Tavares said he couldn’t wait to see the counter girl at Blockbuster but that was only a ruse. He’s really in love with his good ole boy. And he has the evidence to prove it. During the night, he likes to sneak up to his room and make a rubbing of his face, like the Shroud of Turin. Tavares tells Sullivans (who, remember, is playing a man) that he wants to be his lover.

“We can’t,” Sullivan says. “We’re in a Red State.”