Chassity Evans opens the door to her Mt. Pleasant home wearing a pair of bright red cropped pants she blogged about a few weeks before. Her closet, a roomy walk-in that she shares with her husband, is filled with pieces many loyal readers will recognize as well: dresses she’s worn for photo shoots, shoes she’s lusted after, jewelry from her sponsors. Thanks to her blog Look Linger Love, Evans’ life seems like an open book, and we couldn’t resist a closer peek inside.

About a Blog. Evans started her blog in 2010 as a way to share her design inspirations. These days she gets about 60,000 views a month with posts about recently released lines from up-and-coming designers, local artists, and little tidbits about life as a stylish suburban mom. “I think that blogging has challenged me to get a little more creative with my wardrobe and take more risks,” she says. “I don’t feel more pressure to dress up on a daily basis, but I do probably put a little more thought into what I wear to events. I’m sure it’s all in my head … But it’s not a bad thing. I love dressing up!”

These Shoes Rule. Evans’ entire closet is enviable (though she admits it’s usually littered with her daughter’s snacks and toys), but the star attraction is her shoe collection. She reverently pulls down a neon-colored pair of Jimmy Choos that she bought last year followed by some metallic Miu Mius and, her newest addition, army green Loeffler Randall rain booties. In the last two years, her collection has greatly increased thanks to a gift subscription to J. Crew’s Shoe of the Month Club; she’s only gotten one pair she didn’t like.

Bag Lady. Evans’ bag collection also leans toward the high end, with pieces from Chanel, Claire Vivier, and a black leather Burberry she received as a gift from her father, which she uses as a diaper bag. “I plan on saving these,” Evans says. “I’d like to be able to pass them down to Lilly.”

Like Mother, Like Daughter. Though Evans’ newborn son is still relegated to onesies, her daughter Lilly just might be the best-dressed toddler we know. She even has a Marysia bathing suit named after her. Evans shops everywhere from Target to Etsy for her daughter, and Lilly is never without a necklace, scarf, sunglasses, or a killer pair of shoes to set her apart from the other kids on the playground.

Mixing and Matching. Like her daughter’s wardrobe, Evans’ includes a wide range of price points, with designer duds from Hampden Clothing hanging beside Forever 21 knock-offs. “I look for pieces that appear to be high quality,” she says. “It’s all about pairing your high- and low-end items together in a way that creates an eclectic and layered look.” Her favorite current trend is mixing patterns. “I’m better about mixing things now, whereas in the past I was probably a little more plain Jane,” she says. “Classic, I guess you would have called it. I like to be a little riskier now, a little more interesting. As you get older, your budget allows for more too, so I can afford to do more that I love and see and am passionate about.”