[image-1]The organizing team of ChazzFest: The Charleston Music & Heritage Festival held an enjoyable kick-off party for friends and supporters at the Charleston Harbor Resort last night. Riddick Lynch (of Shoreline Productions), Rick Jones (of Fish Bait Marketing), Colleen Troy (of Touchpoint Communications), and Rob Lamble (of Ear For Music), were on hand to thank the City Paper, main sponsor Digital Lifestyle Outfiters, an impressive collective of otherwise rival radio stations, and a slew or local and visiting guests. Lynch emphasized the team’s effort to present a musically diverse lineup with a broad appeal this year — a lineup that draws deeply from the origins of American music.

[image-2]Highlights of the event included the high-finesse snare/tom/cymbal/kick work of local jazz drummer Quentin Baxter (who performed two sets of swingin’ stuff with his trio on the side patio) and the generous samples of the “official drink” of ChazzFest, the citrusy and refreshing “ChazzJulip,” designed by Wentworth Grill bartender Hank Fincke.