When I opened up my latest issue of Lucky, I fell in love with a giant coral-print bag in Target’s two-page spread. Tarjay’s always teaming up with fabulous designers to bring us affordable, but still fashion-forward pieces, and this time it’s Felix Ray. The collection will be in stores March 29. I couldn’t find a picture of the bag I’m lusting after, but these are pretty darn cute too. Most of them have fun, beachy details, like gold shell clasps, or red or blue coral print or embroidery. Apparently some stores have already stocked the stuff, and shopper extraordinaire/blogger Gigi has the scoop if you want to see most of them. I also noticed that Alexander McQueen’s Targ line recently launched.

So Target’s a given for cheap designer-y stuff, but when was the last time you checked out Wal-mart’s clothing section? I cringed too, but apparently they’ve got some cute stuff from Norma Kamali. And they have since last fall. Ok, I don’t go to Wal-mart much. But they have a spring line, and it has some good work-wear pieces as well as playful tees.