Your affair with my husband was almost 2 years ago now. You don’t live in Charleston anymore but I know you go back to Charleston to visit your parents so maybe your sorry ass will actually see this letter. From what I hear, since the affair ended, you’ve slept your way through the bar where you two met.
(Speaking of the bar, it’s funny to me that you were in the bar trash-talking my husband’s sexual ability that one night. First of all, what 30-year-old woman does that? Isn’t that really more fitting of teenagers? Second of all, I laughed out loud when I heard that because clearly he wasn’t having the same kind of sex with you that he has with me! Because I can assure you, he is actually quite talented in that area.)
Back to my point…
You’ve slept your way through the bar. From all accounts, you’ve moved on. And this is one more reason I HATE YOU with a passion. I hate you because you are a sorry asshole bitch slut who walked away apparently unscathed. You never paid the price for what you did. I guess when you have no conscience whatsoever, that’s easy to do. My husband has a conscience and has paid the price. In fact both of us are still paying the price.
But if there ever was any pain on your part, you have been able to drown it out with alcohol and some new stranger, so you don’t feel it. I, on the other hand, have had to feel it all — and I have had to hold it all in, so that I could hold my marriage together, be a good mom, keep my job, and maintain some sense of respectability. On top of it all, I had to move to a new city, I had to start a new job, and my kids had to start at new schools, in large part because of you. Your affair turned my life upside down and you don’t even give a shit. My husband has apologized profusely, in word and deed, for everything he did. You, on the other hand, aren’t the least bit sorry. You probably don’t ever even think about either of us anymore. And yet I think about you every single goddamn day. I hate you more than I’ve ever hated anyone.
People say the other woman doesn’t owe the wife anything. Bullshit. You owed me something as one human being to another human being. You should never have slept with another woman’s husband. You have no idea of the pain you’ve caused in my life. I am not sure you are emotionally capable of understanding. And I don’t think you ever will, unless one day you fall in love, you’re married for nearly 20 years, and you truly believe that you can trust him with your life…and then some slut (like yourself) comes along and does to you what you did to me. At 6 am on the morning after I found out, I sent you a message saying that I hope karma bites you in the ass one day. I hope she bites you hard.
By the way, if you ever want to apologize for YOUR part in this, feel free. My phone number and email address are still the same, and we know enough people in common that you could find me if you wanted to. But I won’t hold my breath while I wait.