[image-2] The Lowcountry Artists Gallery presents Southern Exposure, a new show opening next week and featuring both 2D and 3D interpretations of the show’s title. Artists Sandra W. Roper and Ken Hamilton bring their ideas of Southern exposure to the show, with Roper’s watercolor paintings and Hamilton’s 3D miniature models of Lowcountry landmarks. The opening reception takes place on Fri. March 3 from 5-8 p.m.

Roper is a member of the the Lowcountry Artists Gallery and Hamilton recently relocated to Charleston from New Jersey. Both create works of art that memorialize Charleston’s past and present, from scenes of Gullah basket weavers to local shrimpers. One of Hamilton’s pieces even features a mini (very, very mini) City Paper newspaper box, placed in front of Martha Lou’s, the paper’s old Morrison Driver neighbor. Check out more of Hamilton’s work here and get a peek at Roper’s here.