In case affordable housing, good food, and good beer weren’t enough reasons for you to head to Park Circle on a regular basis, now you have one more: Douglas Panzone’s mural for HBO comedy Vice Principals that just went up off East Montague Avenue.

The second season of Vice Principals debuted Sunday night, but local artist Panzone spent the past few days on a scissor lift on Coli Morse Lane across from EVO Pizzeria, spray painting the details of Danny McBride’s bouffant and the knowing glare of Walton Goggins.
[content-1]You’ve seen Panzone’s work around town before. He’s the artist behind the portraits inside The Sparrow and Tin Roof, with other new work in the courtyard at George Street Apartments on the CofC campus.

Commissioned by HBO, Panzone said the mural on the side of the side of the Olde Village Market and Deli is just a temporary fixture (but aren’t we all?) and will come down after about six weeks. Vice Principals filmed across the Charleston area a couple years ago, using Stall High School as the backdrop for the zany and weirdly-dark workplace comedy set at the fictional North Jackson High School. The 18 episodes were then broken up into two nine-episode seasons airing on Sunday nights at 10:30pm.

After filming, McBride, who co-wrote the show, told local native Stephen Colbert that he bought a house in the Charleston area when he got the hard sell from Bill Murray.

(Incidentally, today is Bill’s birthday! Happy birthday, Bill!)