As City Paper‘s calendar editor, I’ve been sweating over this city’s calendar of events for three years now. And today I’m here to announce the kickass new City Picks layout you’ll find in today’s paper.

Rather than focus on a big ol’ list of this city’s events in our print edition, we are highlighting about 10 events each week with a short blurb and image. Trust me, it looks so much sexier. And it’s a lot more user-friendly too — giving you a curated snapshot of what’s going on this week.

You can still find every damn thing that’s happening around town on our online calendar, which we do our very best to keep updated and robust. But while you’re here, gentle reminder — if you have an event and want a chance to be featured in City Picks, send a detailed event description and high res image to calendar@charlestoncitypaper.com.

Oh yeah, and we’re upping our arts coverage too (you’re also looking at CP‘s arts editor). Every week we’ll highlight our picks for theater, visual arts, movies, comedy, etc. in our Arts Picks section. Send me all the details and images for your upcoming art events to connelly@charlestoncitypaper.com.