[image-1]It’s been a wild and woolly 54 hours for the Lowbrow since the start of the Opening Ceremony on Friday. In that time, he’s seen eight shows (or most of eight shows, anyway), chatted up a legion of artists and Spoletians, and slept altogether too little. A too-late night Friday hanging out with a pair of visiting Italian Spoletians after the Bedon’s Alley party is partly to blame for that. My only excuse: La dolce vita.

But I’m not operating alone on the City Paper’s Spoleto coverage. This blog is just one of three we’ve created to keep our noses to the ground on the festival trail. Over at Eargasms, music critics Lindsay Koob, Robert Bonduras, and Fernando Rivas are parking themselves in almost every Piccolo and Spoleto music event – from the big operas to the one-off Spotlight Concerts and choral gigs – to bring their finely tuned ears and minds to the festival’s many music offerings.

At our Spoleto Party Blog, regular CP contributor Jonathan Sanchez waxes philosophic over the festival’s social calendar. He and his wife Lauren go to as many parties as they’re invited to, talk their way into those they’re not, and capture the essence of each in photos and Sanchez’ singular, take-no-prisoners writing style. If you’re looking for a sycophantic summary of shoes and handbags, his is the wrong blog for you. If, on the other hand, you want a count of cheeses eaten at each and a sampling of delicious overheard quotes, you’re in the right place.