[image-2]If you’ve been searching for your next must-read, consider this tale of werewolf girl, an evil naked mole rat, and the smelly Planet Gorgonzola: Cheese-pocalypse, the crowd-sourced creation of YALLFest 2014’s middle-grade Story Ball.

The Story Ball, which is a relatively new event at the explosively popular young adult book festival YALLFest, brings together young readers (and writers) with professional authors to create a collaborative story — and last year, that meant contributions from 200 Story Ball attendees and nine YALLFest authors including Pseudonymous Bosch, Kwame Alexander, and C. Alexander London. (In other news: Alexander, who’s been involved with YALLFest since its humble beginnings in 2011, was just awarded the Newbery Medal for his book The Crossover.)

You can pick up Cheese-pocalypse — it’s in both print book and e-book form — which comes complete with photos from the Story Ball that birthed it at Blue Bicycle Books, natch, or on Amazon