0402/1239901016-clemsonblue.jpg OK, maybe love is too strong a word, considering that the blue cheese made at Clemson University ranked 14th — but that’s much better than they did last year when they were 33rd — in the 15th biennial United States Championship Cheese Contest in Green Bay, Wis.

Personally, I love Clemson Blue even though I can never seem to find it. I actually looked for it last Saturday at the Teeter for the mussels dish I prepared. I usually stumble upon it at Earth Fare.

According to the press release, the cheese was created by a Clemson dairy professor back in 1941 when he cured the cheese in the damp air of Stumphouse Mountain Tunnel near Walhalla. Today, it’s made in 288-gallon vats in the air-conditioned rooms of Newman Hall and is then salted, waxed, and aged for six months. You can read more about the cheese’s history here.

Congrats to the Clemson team for climbing that ladder of recognition. Next year, can we dare to dream for a first place win?