[image-1]Chef John Ondo has sold Lana. After a 12-year run at the corner of Rutledge and Cannon Street, the chef posted the following on Facebook yesterday:

“We’ve rolled our last gnocchi, served our last bolognese and poured our last glass of wine. We’d like to thank our staff and loyal customers who’ve become family over these past 12 years. We’ve accepted an offer and must kiss our beloved Lana goodbye. It’s bittersweet. We wish the new owners the best of luck and hope that you all visit Perig and his new venture Poulette. You might see some familiar faces.
Toodles Y’all
John & Drazen et all”

[image-2]Ondo tells City Paper that he has new plans in the works. “I’ve been working on a new concept called Kairos, very fast casual Greek/Mediterranean. We should be open in April,” says Ondo. Kairos will open in Mt. Pleasant.

In the meantime, Goulet, beloved for his former King Street French spot La Fourchette, says his new restaurant, Poulette, will be a casual, not entirely French restaurant. Goulet has been trying to get a foothold in the neighborhood, specifically on Bogard Street, since last May, but the deal fell through. Now with Lana secured, he’s working fast to open. However, Goulet was hesitant to share too many details. “We have a saying in France, ‘only idiots don’t change our minds,'” he says. But he did reveal a few things about the upcoming restaurant.

“I chose that name not because it means little female chicken,” he says. “I did because La Fourchette and Poulette rhyme. It’s easy for people to remember. I’m not doing 100 percent French. It will be less upscale than La Fourchette. Something fun, relaxed. But I promise the French fries will be there.”