[image-1]”The word ‘vendue’ translates literally as ‘sold,’ a nod to French auctioneers who conducted trade here post-1785. And ‘sold’ I am on this place. You could say they had me at ‘foie gras beignet.'” That’s what former CP restaurant critic Allston McCrady wrote after visiting Vendue’s The Drawing Room restaurant in 2014.

Dish after dish, McCrady couldn’t stop applauding Chef Jon Cropf. From his caprese salad with house-made burrata to his pan-seared, skin-on striped bass, McCrady couldn’t say enough good things about the molecular gastronomy whiz. Sadly, her culinary crush is leaving. 

Avocet Hospitality Group, owner of Vendue Hotel, says Cropf is moving to Trummer’s on Main in Clifton, Va. in order, a press release says, to be closer to his family in Maryland. Cropf has promised to help train his successor although Avocet has yet to announce who that will be.