Imagine having a potluck party with a bunch of chefs. What kind of creations would they bring? You can probably bet that they wouldn’t bother with those french onion noodle casseroles that Aunt Edna always brings to the church potluck. The Chef’s Potluck on Sunday at Middleton Place organized by Lowcountry Local First and the local Slow Food chapter has a yummy menu full of local meats and produce. Tickets are $40 and the event goes from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Check it out:

Anson Restaurant – Kevin Johnson

– Slow Roasted Tamworth Pork Leg with Spring Onion and Green Tomato Marmalade

– Local Clams with Preserved Lemon, Chorizo and Parsley Broth

– Spring Vegetables with Crushed Pine Nut Vinaigrette

EVO Pizza – Matt McIntosh and Ricky Hacker

– Wood Fired Strawberry Calzones

– Local Strawberries and Hazelnut Chocolate with Local Honey

Fish – Nico Romo

– Stuffed Tomato Provencal with Ground Beef

– Arugula and Strawberry salad with a Sweet soy Balsamic dressing.

Granville’s Café – Jon Hawks

– Slow cooked MiBek Chuck Eye Roast with beets, spring onions and mustard greens

– Strawberry Almond cake with brown butter

High Cotton – Anthony Gray

– Ballotine of Local Rabbit with Spring Vegetables, Grits, and a Mustard Bacon Vinaigrette

– Chilled Asparagus Soup with Fine Herbs and Crème Fraiche

Le Club Fez – Bryan Lyndsay

– Braised Brewton Plantation Goat with Spring Onions and Lemons

– Assorted Morracan Spiced Local Vegetable Salad

McGrady’s Restaurant – Sean Brock

– Slow Cooked South Carolina Tamworth Pork Shoulder

– Deviled-Pickled Sea Island Eggs with Black Truffles

The Restaurant at Middleton Place – Brandon Buck

– Caw Caw Braised Pork Belly, Organic Carolina Gold Rice, Middleton Place Collard Greens and a Smoked Pork Reduction

– Organic Carolina Gold Rice Pudding with Fresh Fruit and Whipped Cream

Monza – Emily Hahn

– Smoked Local Clams topped with Rita’s Arugula, Sweet Onions and Lemon

– Bread Pudding Made from Normandy Farms Brioche with Local Strawberries and Whipped Cream

Savory Market – Angie Colyer

– Southern Paella with Keegan-Filion Chicken, Sausage, Shellfish, Local Rice, Tomatoes, Spring Vegetables and Herbs

– Southern Vegetable Dolmades Wrapped in Collards with a Miso Dipping Sauce

Slightly North of Broad- Shawn Kelly

– Dijon & Gruyere Cheese Gnocchi, local spring onions, arugula pesto, grape tomatoes

– Dijon & Gruyere Cheese Gnocchi, country ham, local spring onions, arugula pesto, grape

The Glass Onion – Chris Stewart and Charles Vincent

– Local Shrimp Remoulade on Local Bibb with a Deviled Egg

– Strawberry Poundcake