Photo by Ruta Smith

Best Folly Beach Bar, Best Folly Beach Happy Hour
Chico Feo

Chico Feo was opened almost eight years ago on Second Street and East Ashley Avenue by Hank Weed. And in the near-decade he’s been in that spot, the Folly Beach community continues to surprise him. 

“It’s changed so much,” he said. “But the community is still amazing. It’s one of few places left that has a community, especially off-season. Everyone knows each other’s name and passes around the same $20 bill, and then in the summer, everyone just helps each other out; It’s a community that looks out for everybody.” The community showed its love for Chico Feo this year by voting it Best Folly Beach Bar and Best Folly Beach Happy Hour.

Weed joked that thanks to no TVs in the outside bar, “our bartenders are forced into interactions with clientele.” Doing away with TVs allows the staff to show off their personable and unique personalities, a standout quality he believes is the reason they’ve maintained such a good reputation as a beach bar. 

“And we have an amazing set of regulars,” he added. “You know who you are.”

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