The highlight of the acts I’ve seen at the Comedy Festival is the Apple Sisters. It’s original, innovative, multi-layered, and subtly subversive. They might look benign, but they are oh-so-not-benign. While Candy (left) pines for her “man” at war, by the dubious name of Cheryl, Seedy (middle) reminds us of God’s hellfire wrath, and Cora lives for “seamen.” They perform tonight at the American Theater at 8:30 p.m. Meanwhile, here are some choice words from their performance last night.

“I’m free of worms”

“Go ahead and fist her”

“I love seamen”

“I have the right to bare arms”

“You have the right to go to hell”

“I like that massage on my mammary”

“I’ve learned something: Pilgrims have very high kicks”

“Stripes, so modern”

“I love God’s open-toed sandals”

“War is great, war is swell, war is wonderful”