To the “friendly” people who help out on passenger trains. Ugh! I knew that getting a last minute flight would cost me more than my rent (it did), so I decided to take the train. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I should have just sprung for the plane. Living in a cardboard box for the month of July would have been preferable to sitting at the station/listening to you guys bicker about how to get people on the train/smelling vomit for the entire 7 hours it took me to get from Richmond to Charleston. To the gentleman who helped me get on the train after my “entire reservation cancelled out”… I do appreciate you. I do not appreciate the attitude you gave me. You can’t possibly tell me that it was THAT difficult for you to find me a seat on the train. The shit was 1/2 empty! (Not to mention the fact that I did have a reservation, after all. My bank account can vouch for that.) Forget trains, I’m stickin’ to planes and automobiles from now on.