[image-1]While they might have lost their web domain “Chordandpedal.com” over the last year (thanks to some web assholes), the local musical collective Chord & Pedal remains alive and full of kick.

Just listed this week on the club’s web site, the Music Farm announced that the Cord & Pedal’s 6th Annual Christmas Ball is set for Sat. Dec. 20. Yep, that’s “Cord” for sure.

“The new spelling is correct,” says organizer Kevin Hanley. “I plan on getting a web page back up to promote the show and some forthcoming albums, but some internet snakes grabbed my old domain name and won’t sell it back to me. I figured I’d ‘drop the h.’”

So far, the lineup includes members of local band The Films, Cary Ann Hearst, Harrison Ray, The Specs, and Lindsay Holler. There’s more to come as this event takes shape. Who else is playing on stage? Who’s dressing up as Santa? Will anyone show up in a 1970s polyester necktie? Stay tuned…