Charleston’s 34th annual MOJA Arts Festival kicks off next Thurs. Sept. 28 and we have to say, the lineup looks pretty darn cool. As always the festival features live music, theater productions, health and recreational activities, and the literary arts. And this year, we’re particularly excited about a dance performance — and free workshop! — from New York’s Evidence, scheduled for Tues. Oct. 3.

Evidence is Ronald K. Brown’s dance company, a nonprofit organization based out of Brooklyn, NY. Evidence last visited Charleston way back in 1999 during Spoleto and they’re back this year with an open air performance at the future site of the International African American Museum. The company will host workshops in local schools during their time here, in addition to their 5 p.m. movement workshop on Oct. 3 and a company performance at 6 p.m. at Gadsden’s Wharf.

Evidence blends traditional African dance with contemporary choreography and spoken word. According to Evidence’s website, the company seeks to “use movement as a way to reinforce the importance of community in African American culture.”

In 2014 The New York Times had this to say about an Evidence performance, “There are certain givens in a dance by Ronald K. Brown. Deep, spiritual seriousness. A sophisticated mastery of stage space. Music that makes you want to move. A vocabulary, drawn from many parts of the African diaspora, that Mr. Brown has developed into a personal language that’s flexible, richly expressive and irresistibly kinetic.”