Following the success of its campaign to take control of South Carolina state government and secede from the Union, Corey Burnell’s Christian Exodus has announced plans to transform Idaho into a theocracy. (I hate to break it to you spud, but Idaho already bows to all-seeing god, the many-eyed potato.)

The Anderson Independent-Mail first broke the story of Xian Exodus’s move into Idaho, with this piece investigating whether or not CE was closing up shop in SC. (It doesn’t say a whole lot about Christian Exodus, which encourages fundamentalist Christians to move to the Palmetto State, when its leader Burnell — a former League of the South regional director — simply finds it too difficult to leave his home in California.) At the time of the article, Burnell was not available for comment. However, a post — made by someone identifying himself as Burnell — following the Independent-Mail article had this to say:

I suspect, though I don’t know, that Mr. Smith, like myself, failed to respond to press inquiries because we were on family vacations. Many people vacation and/or travel over Christmas and New Years, and some even leave their cell phones and laptops behind as I did (not much of a vacation if I bring them). 🙂

Here’s my recent email response to my friend, Liz Carey:

“The Idaho contingent is an expansion, not a redirection, of our project. We had several committed CE members approach us about the good things happening in their Idaho communities and the number of westerners they’re running into who’ll not ever move to SC but who agree with our strategy of focusing on county and state reform as a means of achieving federal reform. So several of our officers and the Idaho members discussed this concept over the past 6 months and we finally came to an agreement this fall. We hope to have a new Project Blueprint written this winter that will flesh out our broader vision while retaining the central strategy of concentrating Christian Constitutionalists at the local level. I’ll get a copy to you when complete.”

So there you have it. We remain committed to helping South Carolinians reaquire constitutionally limited government, and Mr. Smith and friends in Idaho are welcome to work toward that end as well. If y’all have any questions or concerns, I can be reached at Happy New Year!