Fred Thompson will be speaking at The Citadel in a few hours, but The Associated Press got an early look at his comments.

Republican Fred Thompson is taking his call for expanding the military, spending more money on defense and taking better care of current and former service members before a receptive audience at a military college in a Southern state with an early presidential primary he is counting on to give his campaign a boost.

Thompson, a former Tennessee senator and actor, also will call for more modern battle equipment on the ground, in the air and on the water during his speech Tuesday morning at The Citadel.

Regarding care for current and former service members, Thompson advocates implementing many of the recommendations of a presidential commission on improving the treatment of wounded veterans. He also says service members need better pay and benefits “including a modern GI Bill with educational assistance that will help us recruit and keep our nation’s finest in uniform.”

Bill Clinton mentioned Hillary’s support for a 21st Century GI Bill yesterday, so it looks like that’s getting attention from both sides. I’m not exactly against increasing the size of the military, but how do you go about doing that with an all-volunteer force?