[image-1]After spending Christmas Day with friends, family, and fiends in McClellanville, West Ashley, James Island, and Mt. Pleasant, I settled into the home studio for a session with a stack of old CDs this evening. I popped in Aussie band Hoodoo Gurus’ 1983 album Stoneage Romeos (the newly-released “deluxe edition”) and came upon my new favorite “Christmas song” in the middle of side two — “Tojo.”

Listening to the second verse of the Sidney-based band’s track, I realized it tied into Christmas indirectly by way of a failed WWII mission in which Japanese General and Prime Minister Hideki Tojo planned to drop a bomb on the Australia city of Darwin. The next verse deals with a cyclone named Tracy, which caused heavy damage in Darwin on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 1974 (“That year, Santa never came,” sings frontman Dave Faulkner.) [image-2]

The clip for the song is available here on YouTube — a great music video from the golden age of music videos when budgets were low and bandmates usually played and mimed to the songs on an odd stage in front of a few cameras.

Stoneage Romeos also features the college radio/early MTV era “hit” “I Want You Back” and garage-rock name-drop-o-rama rave-up “(Let’s All) Turn On.” Dig it.

Here’s a bit of “Tojo” — cheers!