Liz Kulze

Boston College 2011

Favorite place to go for a date: Alluete’s Jazz Cafe. The mellow music and romantic atmosphere does all the work for you.

Favorite place to shop: Besides your roommate’s closet, TJ Maxx in West Ashley is like a gold mine — amazing designer finds are hidden on every rack.

Favorite place to eat: Five Loaves Cafe. Healthy, delicious, and a ton of options — although I have gotten the same thing every time for the past four years. The half and half combo is the best (soup, salad, or sandwich), and it’s always a under $10.

Favorite secret place: There’s actually a little tiny beach downtown at the end of High Battery that is great for some quick sun time. If you go during low tide, it’s even big enough for your dog to run around on.


Allie Rice

Clemson University 2009

Favorite place to eat: Chai’s is one of my favorites because it’s chic, has perfectly sized and delicious tapas, and a gorgeous outdoor seating area. I really like Fuel too because it is so low-key and funky. Their sweet potato fries are the bomb!

Favorite place to shop: The store with the most unique finds downtown is Goga. It’s on King, almost at the corner of Calhoun, and the lady who owns it designs her own wares and has some gorgeous and versatile dresses.

Favorite place to study: Kudu Coffee! I spent hours and hours there over the summer studying for the GRE. Their mint mocha and iced lattes are so delectably creamy, and when I got bored studying, there was plenty of awesome people watching to do.


Buster Brown

University of South Carolina 2011

Favorite off-campus activity: The Pour House is hands-down the best venue for gigs. Acoustically it has no match and it usually draws out a pretty cool crowd too. It’s definitely worth the trek off campus, especially if a band you like is playing.

Favorite deal in town: If you work in the food and beverage industry or if you know someone who does and you don’t go to Tsunami on Monday, you’re either a fool for not going yourself or a fool for not going with your friend(s). You literally cannot beat getting half-off some of the best sushi in town.


Gervase Caycedo

College of Charleston 2008

Best advice for freshmen: There are cool, free, local art/fashion/etc. events every single weekend in Charleston. You can find them online or in the City Pap and always discover new venues, artists, and groups of people. Get on mailing lists for every boutique and art gallery out there and start learning about these events!

Favorite place to do for a date: Fast and French. Cheap, awesome, different, European-sized portions, with cozy community seating.

Best secret place: The Marina, above Salty Mike’s on Lockwood is not well-known among students, but super cheap and yummy.


Meaghan Strickland

College of Charleston 2008

Favorite place to eat: Easy. Great little mom and pop burger joint on Hwy. 17 — McDonalds, I think it’s called. Just kidding. It’s a three-way tie: Five Loaves, D’Alessandros, and Santis. One for each meal of the day. Oh, I forgot Moe’s Crosstown (the burgers!) and Sugar for dessert!

Favorite place to shop: When the parents are in town? A boutique on King Street, maybe? When they’re not? Citi Trends.

Best advice for freshmen: Your Exxon gas card can buy you more than just gas. Also, do you what you love and don’t feel guilty for not doing what you don’t.

Favorite secret place: The revolving bookcase on the fourth floor of Addlestone Library that leads to the intricate tunnel/slip-and-slide system below campus.

Favorite deal in town: In-state tuition.


Kinsey Labberton

College of Charleston 2006

Best advice for freshmen: Do live in the dorm. I was an exchange student in Finland before going to CofC, so my mom thought living in an off-campus house would be better since I was now so “worldly.” Bad move — I didn’t make friends ’til junior year because I didn’t have the dorm experience to mix and mingle.

Favorite things to do off campus: Go to all the historical sites like Fort Sumter, Middleton Place, etc. Walk every damn street in that town because there isn’t another city like it on earth.

Favorite secret place: Stoll’s Alley is a tiny path open to the public that takes you through the backyards/gardens of a few Charleston homes. Google that.