Next Sun. June 7 will be a sad day for Charleston foodies. After five years, Gelateria Modica is closing up shop. We stopped by the George Street gelato store, known not only for their Italian ice cream but also their fantastic panini and strong espresso, to get a few more details. Unfortunately the owners weren’t in when we showed up, but we did talk to the employees. From what they told us, the closing has to do with sluggish sales and the general stress of running a small business and has nothing to do with the appearance of Freshberry on their doorstep a few months ago.

Up until they close the doors for good at 8 p.m. on June 7, Modica is running l’ultimo giorno special. This allows regulars to prolong that last serving of gelato for as long as you like. For just $25, you can pick up a 4.2 litre (4 quart) container of any of 14 select gelato flavors that the store carries. Just give them 24 hours notice so they’ll have your gelato of choice on hand. We stopped in yesterday and had a sample of the pistachio and fior di latte. Those will be sorely missed this summer.

Modica can be found at 41-A George Street for all of you who haven’t been, we just hope you won’t kick yourself too hard for not discovering this gem earlier.