Nothing is Ovah ·
Looks like James Islanders will soon be going back to the voting booth to decide their political future. No, the Town of James Island’s third consolidation referendum isn’t back on the ballot. Yet. But what will likely be voted on again very soon is who will represent the parts of the island located within Charleston’s municipal boundaries on City Council. For the second time in as many weeks, incumbent/engineer Bob George and harpist/long-distance swimmer Kathleen Wilson virtually deadlocked in a special election last week, with George “winning” the election by three votes. But hold on there, just because George is already calling himself the “certified” winner doesn’t make it so, because the county’s election commission threw out two of the ballots. While George is ready to “get back to serving the citizens of James Island,” Wilson is weighing her options, which will likely result in a second runoff between the two. —Bill Davis

Nice Try, Mark ·
Gov. Mark Sanford, perhaps still stinging from a failed legislative agenda in 2005 and recently being named one of the country’s worst governors by Time magazine, is giving up on championing a plan to grant tax credits to parents who choose to place their children in private schools. Formerly one of his top legislative priorities, Sanford gave speeches across the state and devoted one-third of his State of the State Address to what he called “Put Parents In Charge” last year. Sanford now feels that the legislation will be impassable when the General Assembly returns to session in January. As a result, the governor is now focusing his attention on legislation that will ease the creation of charter schools. Under the current system, local public school districts must approve of a charter school before it gets any public money. Sanford wants this power to lie with a statewide panel, which is odd, since another one of his mantras has always been “local knows best.” Maybe Mark is learning about the art of compromise … or maybe he’s learning what it’s like to get his ass kicked. —Damian Joseph ·

Mouth of the South(ie) ·
Former Charleston and Washington, D.C. talk radio host, Michael Graham, who was dismissed from radio station WMAL in the nation’s capital after labeling the religion of Islam “a terrorist organization,” has found a new microphone in Boston. One doesn’t usually think of “Republicanism” as having a voice in Beantown, but for over a week now, its citizens could experience the redneck tradition of cracking open a six-pack while stuck in traffic and listening to a sermon about trucks, guns, and bitches. (“Bitches” being a pejorative for “Democrats.”) Graham, who was also fired from a choice talk gig in Charlotte for his verbal meanderings (emphasis on “mean”) and contributes a weekly column in this paper (Usual Suspects, Views), hopes to continue sticking it to the “screaming Libs” in Boston while also trying to find an audience in the KKK — “Kennedy Kerry Kountry.” The Council of American-Islamic Relations, who fired back at Graham for his comments in August, isn’t surprised that in these times of bigotry and hatred he was able find a station that supported his ideology. The council said that they will continue to closely monitor him, as well as other hosts who boast “hate rhetoric” on our nation’s airways. They further hope the people of Boston won’t listen. Graham holds to his belief that he should not be muzzled because an organization doesn’t want him to speak on terror and Islam. Further, he wishes to be viewed “as rooting in stands for killing terror (terrorists not mentioned), reining in the Supreme Court, and having the best time possible.” Despite this optimism, he still seems like a fish out of water. —Neal Sakash