Runoff Goes Swimmingly ·

Admit it, living in America sometimes means you have the annoying civic duty of having to vote more than once a year. James Island residents can more than testify to that this year. Last week, a collective headache ended when the second Charleston City Council runoff between incumbent Bob George and Kathleen Wilson ended with Wilson finally being proclaimed the winner. Hopefully, after all the nail-biting that occurred, the now honorable Wilson will be able to pluck the sweet song of victory on her Charleston Symphony Orchestra harp. Wilson, a long-distance swimmer, kept plugging away, having challenged George in two different election cycles and five ballot counts. George admitted defeat, but couldn’t curb his cynicism in a P&C interview when he said, “I think a lot of people around here felt like a bright light went out at City Hall tonight.” Sucks for you, Bob-o. —Neal Sakash