Cold Comfort ·
SCE&G, the state’s main power and gas supplier, announced last week it was earmarking $3 million this winter to help struggling families pay for their heating and power bills. Yay. Yippee. SCE&G also announced last week that it had received yet another waiver to jack heating oil prices an additional 4 percent in response to rising wholesale heating oil prices. The conglomerate, er, the monopoly, er, the power company (yeah, that’s it) had already been allowed to increase heating oil rates 45 percent this fall alone. This means the average home will see an $8 monthly increase in its power bill over what it was already expecting to “enjoy.” In related news, shares of SCE&G are on the rise. Go figure. –Bill Davis

Reason to Hate the Post and Courier This Week: ·
In an editorial that ran on its opinion pages last week, “Caught Red-Handed,” the editors of that paper actually praised former U.S. Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham for “leaving no shadow of his guilt” when he resigned his Congressional seat after pleading guilty to accepting at least $2.4 million in “gifts” from defense contractors. The paper liked that he did so “with no evasion and no excuses.” The column went on to say that, except for the direct payments he received, his actions were no different from times when any Representative or Senator fights for “favored projects,” making the argument that the current political system “invites corruption.” Couple things the paper never mentioned: one, Cunningham is a Republican, and two, he had publicly denied the charges before. Sounds like the only thing corrupt is the thinking over at the P&C’s editorial board.

Reason to Love the Post and Courier This Week: ·
$89,950 — That’s how much that paper had raised as of last Friday in its Good Cheer Fund, which annually collects hundred of thousands of dollars for needy charities in the region, as it has done since 1927.

Haiku O’The Week
Snip, cut, tuck, and dart
Sanford’s tuition-cut plan
Slashes college funds