Storage Crates Getting Chased Off

Portable storage crates like PODS and UNITS will have to be loaded and shipped off within 30 days in the City of Charleston under a new bill that will be in front of the city’s planning commission next month. The popular crates allow you to load up your stuff and send it off for storage, but a few folks have taken advantage of the extra square feet and left the large units to linger in the driveway or out in front of the house.

The new city requirement, which has already received preliminary approval from City Council, would require the crates to be removed from the property within a month, with some exceptions, including emergencies like flooding.

Barbara Hensley with Charleston Portable Storage asked city officials to let the industry be involved in crafting the ordinance.

“Help us help you, and help the consumer at the same time,” she said. —Greg Hambrick

Charleston City Council: The TV Series

The City of Charleston is considering bringing this new-fangled thing called the television into council chambers.

“It’s time to let the sunshine in,” says Councilman Dudley Gregorie, who introduced the idea of televised council meetings as a way to serve voters who may not be able to make it downtown for the show.

Councilman Larry Shirley says he doesn’t know if there’s enough action to keep viewers interested.

“Normally, no one shows up with cameras unless we’re having a three-ring circus,” he says. —Greg Hambrick