[image-1]Where were they when everybody was wearing jelly shoes?

Charleston City Councilmen James Lewis, Robert Mitchell, and Wendell Gilliard are proposing a ban on saggy pants. Why?

Councilman James Lewis. “You’ll be in the mall having to walk behind these guys, having to look at their underwear, and it’s just not appropriate.”

Councilman Wendell Gilliard said saggy pants are associated with gangs and drugs, and should not be tolerated.

“What about that innocent child who grows up with a parent who wears saggy pants?” he said. “When your pants are down, your pride is down.”

Gilliard doesn’t go far enough with his point. If you create these new fashion violations, you’re enabling law enforcement to find probable cause to stop suspicious guys walking down the street and search them for drugs, even if they’re just walking down the street.

The story incorrectly states that Jasper County has approved a ban (they’re currently mulling it over with lawyers and law enforcement).