You won’t be giving the shirt off your back to Haiti victims as part of a new Charleston City Market fundraiser — you’ll be putting the shirt on your back.

In cooperation with the Lowcountry chapter of the American Red Cross, the market is selling T-shirts for $10, with the proceeds going toward the Red Cross to benefit earthquake victims in Haiti.

The two organizations are also holding an online auction at featuring more than 20 pieces of artwork, in support of Water Missions International, a local Christian organization providing clean water systems to disaster-ridden Haiti.

“The residents of Charleston know full well the value of a helping hand,” says Charleston Mayor Joe Riley. “I am always filled with pride when our citizens find a way to reach out to others in need. I commend the efforts of the City Market to assist Haiti and urge all to support this effort. These are our neighbors and their needs are great.”

Some merchants at the City Market have come from Haiti or have family members in the island country. Charleston, and the market in particular, also housed refugees more than 200 years ago during the Haitian Revolution.