We asked City Paper pet owners to submit photos of their fuzzy/scaly/feathered friends in six categories last week. The judging was tough, but we picked a few of our favorites. Lucky for you, we posted them all online.

Best in Show


Roscoe – “Roscoe is the best boy because he is a huge snuggler, he sleeps about 15 hours a day. Always excited to see you even if you were only gone for 2 minutes. Loves cookies, walkies, car rides, and sunbathing on the porch. 10/10 would adopt again.”


Aurey – “Always happy, this 11 year old lights up the room with her goofy grin!”


Best Smile


Bagel – “She was the only survivor of a whole litter that was thrown in a dumpster. They threw her away like trash and I collected her like treasure. She is my everything Bagel.”


Mozzie – “He’s a good boy because he smiles when winter is officially over.”


Best Friend


Jax – “Jax was left in an abandoned house in Jacksonville, N.C. (hence the name) and has terrible separation anxiety because of it. All he wants in life is to be with me. We tried behavioral therapy and meds, but one day I thought: Why would I deprive him of the thing he loves the most?! So I purchased him a Baby Bjorn and we we were off. Jax loves his Bjorn! You’ll often see us biking together downtown or even at dog-friendly bars with a big smile on his face as he sits comfortably on my back or belly. I’m proud to say he’s my best friend, and I’m glad I can finally give him the friendship he missed out on for so long.”


Mr. T – “He is always by my side and doesn’t hog the bed!”


Most Likely to Snore


Beau – “He’s a sweet boy. Always ready to play. Loves other dogs and people.”


Jarvis – “He’s a big goofball who doesn’t know his own size so he’s always knocking into things or knocking things over.”


Class Clown


Aunt Mac – “Sometimes you have to be bad.”


Lonnie – “Lonnie is a sweet boy who loves to play and cuddle and has the biggest personality!”


Best Dressed


Ducky Bourque – “Ducky loves to visit her dad while he is working at a local brewery. She shows off her Aloha fashion by sitting at the bar and makes everyone around her smile.”


Marley – “He never fusses when his mom dresses him up.”