It’s Free Cone Day. Just sayin’. And while we’re still holding out for our very own hand-churned, organic, free range NoMo ice cream shop, it’s hard to resist a good Ben and Jerry’s scoop. Whether you’re a full-blooded Vermonster or chocolate traditionalist, we’ve all got a favorite flavor.


After wandering the City Paper offices for a few minutes, we’ve put together the Official City Paper Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Dream Team:

Blair Barna, Advertising Director – Chunky Monkey
Stephanie Barna, Editor – White Russian
Chris Haire, Managing Editor – Cinnamon Roll
Susan Cohen, Staff Writer – Bovinity Divinity
Elizabeth Pandolfi, Editorial Asst. – Coffee Heath Bar Crunch
John Phillips, Graphic Designer – Phish Food
Laura Turner, Production Coordinator – Americone Dream
Sam Spence, Web Editor – Cherry Garcia

And as a celebrity authority on frozen sweet treats, we asked Charleston’s King of Pops himself:

Andy McCarthy, King of Pops’ lead popsicle man: “No doubt. Chubby Hubby and Schweddy Balls are two of my favs.”

Stop by the Charleston Ben & Jerry’s at 96 North Market for free scoops all day today only.

What’s your favorite flavor? Leave a comment and let us know.