City Planner Josh Martin gave a presentation to members of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce on the public and private happenings shaping Charleston. Missed the meeting, but fortunately the Charleston Regional Business Journal was there to provide some of the details.

Considering I’m now sitting at a table overlooking Calhoun Street:

He said the Calhoun Street corridor from Marion Square to the S.C. Aquarium on the Cooper River presents some opportunities for improvement. “Marion Square to Aquarium Wharf needs some energy,” Martin said.

On improvements around Johns Island’s Maybank Highway:

“This is forever,” Martin said. “You can either get it right or wrong. If it takes 90 days to study it a little more, let’s give it 90 days before we wind up with another Sam Rittenberg Boulevard.”

On suburban redevelopment in West Ashley:

“We need to create great suburbs,” Martin said. “Long Savannah shows that West Ashley is worthy of good developments as much as downtown. I don’t think we can continue in the pattern of strip centers and be sustainable.”