[image-1]The continued growth of Charleston’s tourism industry has been a major boon for the local economy, but as more and more hotels pop up along the peninsula, many are worried that city residents are getting the shaft.

Earlier this year, Charleston City Council were prepared to consider a possible one-year moratorium on new hotel applications south of Mt. Pleasant St. to give the Department of Planning, Preservation, and Sustainability a chance to see what impact this rapid development is having on the area. At that time, the city estimated that there were 4,826 hotel rooms on the peninsula, either open for business or nearing completion, with an additional 763 rooms approved for construction. The moratorium, which had been a key part of Mayor John Tecklenburg’s campaign, never made it to council, who instead voted to conduct a 90-day study on hotel development.

With that study currently underway, the city is now hoping to hear what the public has to say regarding hotel-development issues on the peninsula. A public listening session is scheduled for Tues. May 3 at 6 p.m. at the Charleston Museum located at 360 Meeting St. The public is invited to participate in the meeting and offer up questions, voice their concerns, or suggest solutions for how Charleston can best manage this specific type of growth.